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Voodoo Tapes - Chant and Call

Voodoo Tapes - Chant and Call

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Bokeh Versions presents more outernational transmissions from the fringes of dub music.

Dank and deep and dubby as hell, Chant and Call is an ethereal update of the beat scene’s cross-pollination with dub back in ‘00. Voodoo Tapes drifts spectral through 20 minutes of original material that’s a quantum leap from the Voodoo’s previous digidub-indebted offerings. Impish chants and wilting piano lines match with tough neck-snapping beat grids and washes of tape echo. Call it illbient, call it trip-hop, just don’t call it dub techno.

Two contrasting remixes come from Italian soundsystem steppers Jambassa and Bokeh Versions staple Jay Glass Dubs.

A central part of cult dubwise Italian netlabel A Quiet Bump (home to Dadub amongst others), IRL Voodoo Tapes is studio engineer Giovanni Roma. Cofounder of the hip-hop stable Voolcano Harmonix, he’s been pushing electronic music in the southern peninsula since the late 90ies. Voodoo Tapes is a melting pot of abstract and roots identities with a clear debt to narcotic moods.