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Rer Repeter - In Fine Style

Rer Repeter - In Fine Style

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BKV 010 finds Rer Repeter dubbing in his own style, in mighty fine style with a tight palette of melodica, close-mic’d back-street percussion and dub fx swell; coming across like those parallel-dimensional Augustus Pablo mixes of Swordfishtrombones. 

While the focus is heavy on classic dub techniques, the approach is free-form - without resorting to common reggae clichés. In true troubadour style, most of the album is played by hand on instruments ranging from self-build shakers, finger-cymbals and found objects to melodica and prepared turntables. The heavy use of tape echo and a spring reverb introduces a sound aesthetic more close to golden age dub and show a departure from the dub-techno-influences on Rer Repeter’s earlier material. 

Rer Repeter aka Martin Werner operates out of Graz, Austria. He’s released on leftfield dub outposts including rohs! and Pdxindubting as well as co-running the now-defunct cult electronics label Offseason.