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Mars89 - Lucid Dream EP

Mars89 - Lucid Dream EP

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Gqom, ballroom, Jersey club, dancehall, grime and sci-fi soundtracks blurred through Tokyo Metropolis lenses; typical of Bokeh releases - Lucid Dreams sounds like it comes from no place in particular. Slow and dark with swamp stylings and snaking spells, bird noises crushed under pads and synthlines strangling voodoo Ha Dances. The tracknames betray universal themes: creatures from behind the looking glass, poltergeists, the moon’s impact on our emotions, out of body experiences, sensory deprivation and shaman’s houses. 

Bokeh Edwards and Mars89 traded download codes at the Bokeh Versions x Diskotopia night in Tangram hairdressers, Tokyo (sponsored by Pioneer)in October 2016. He’s a crucial member of the Tokyo’s Chopstick Killahz, a self-described “Post Tribal DJ Unit” lurking on the fringes of the city’s grime scene. Mars89’s self released his debut EP East End Chaos last year. He’s also recently composed music for Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo 2017A/W and started a residency at Bristol’s Noods Radio. 

Lucid Dream, will be Bokeh’s 3rd release from it’s spiritual homeland of Japan. If you’re reading this the Mars89 dubplates have already sold out.