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Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall

Jay Glass Dubs - Glacial Dancehall

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50 copies, strictly limited c32 in mirrored grey shells. Download code included.

Bokeh Versions presents more outernational transmissions from the fringes of dub music.

Glacial Dancehall is the slowest dancehall mixtape ever heard. Culled from his private 7” archives, each side figures dancehall mutations, pitched and screwed by Jay Glass Dubs’ hardware acceleration.

Jay Glass Dubs is an exercise of style by artist Dimitris Papadatos focusing on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form.

RIYL: DJ Screw, that Spectre reissue on PAN, 45s at 33, dub techno (but know deep in your hear that it could be better), Delroy Edwards’ Slowed Down Funk.