Bokeh Versions
Gr◯un土 + Kabamix - MIZUNOKUNI

Gr◯un土 + Kabamix - MIZUNOKUNI

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Bokeh Versions presents more outernational sounds from the fringes of dub music.

Mizunokuni is a fractured short-wave transmission from a broken transistor. Gr◯un土 and Kabamix are at the dial scanning through radio static, ambient house noodlings, distant chants and healing music across 60 minutes of continuous programming.

Filtered through the natural sounds of the Osaka mountains, this is a patchwork nippon re-imagining of the 90s ambient tech movement; drawing on a rich history of experimental and ambient thinking in Japan.

["MIZUNOKUNI" means "Water Land" as Osaka Japan. This 60minutes story was born from many times Secret test in Lmd Studio.]