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Aquadab & MC A - All Over There

Aquadab & MC A - All Over There

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Illbient oddities and lost relics for the Soundcloud generation. 

Recorded in 2006 and shelved until today - All Over There orbits the outer leftfield regions of known hip-hop galaxies. MC A’s double, triple, quadruple tracked vocals are thrown around the mic like a nippon Danny Brown riding Aquadab’s “Jan Jelinek meets Timbaland” productions (his words). 

Composed and resampled entirely on MPC 1000 and Kaoss pad - Aquadab claims most tracks were made in sub-2 hour improvised sessions. MC A’s vox exist to us only as texture and punctuation - we’re assured the lyrics are too abstract to translate (English titles have been provided for iTunes purposes). 

The results are as unique as the artists involved are generally unknown. Aquadab has scored a lone remix on Japanese imprint Aun Mute and MC A can be found on a few tracks by local hip-hop acts like DJ Motive. Aquadab lives in Osaka - home to Bokeh alumni DJ Ground and Kabamix. MC A hails from Gifu, widely known as the home of Japan’s master cormorant fishermen.